In 1995, we took the damaged pastry road in Sarıyer. We finished our first pasta renovation and we became the favorite pastry of Sarıyer in a short time with a new production concept and smiley understanding of service. We started branching under the brand name Paşafırını® with the modern pastry cafe concept with our institutional experience, special recipes and carefully prepared products in the years to come.

As of 2012, we have succeeded in becoming one of the most popular brands in Istanbul with our modern production facility, which is installed on an area of 1000m2, more than 500 special recipes and a continuous distribution philosopher. Located in Istanbul as Paşafır and 2015, with more than 20 branches in Germany, we were able to drop our entry into Turkey among the fastest growing brands. As our branches grow rapidly, we offer customers a place where they can spend time with delicious products and fun services like Day One.

Quality and passion

In addition to the traditional dishes produced by our skilled craftsmen, we follow the international pastry industry closely and develop innovative products with passion. In order to maintain the quality and taste of our products at the highest level, we continuously check all stages of our production with our food engineers and independent auditing companies, depending on international standards, and never harm the quality of materials. With more than 350 different types of products we produce every day, we are waiting for you as soon as you can spend time with your loved ones.


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