Hype Bakery is a bohemian styled bakery that first
opened in 2019 in Qatar, with the aim of presenting handcrafted baked goods to the Qatari market through
a unique concept not yet available in the area.
Our brand name “Hype” is all about being in constant hype, continuously renewing our products and
introducing innovative and creative dishes.
Hype Bakery is set up on the concept of balance of flavours and ideas in addition to coherence between its
founders. All of these elements come together to bring diversity to our ingredients and approaches
At Hype Bakery, we take into consideration the feedback of our customers, by developing recipes based on their taste and preferences.
We aim to provide nothing less than exceptional service, following high quality
standards in each meal, each drink, and every corner of our bakery.
We’re always aiming at excelling in our industry through fetching new ways to do everything better, in order to always keep up
with our constantly developing country
Our mission is simple, we
aim to constantly provide
our customers with fresh and delectable baked goods and to be leaders in our region by serving top-notch products.

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Location Ground Floor