Established in 2004 as a traditional sweets shop, Sweety Corner quickly became one of the household names in providing the Qatari nationals with their favorite sweet snacks. Rahash is a sweet milky tahini-based halwa which is an addictive form of Middle Eastern nutty fudge placed Sweety Corner on the map as one of the leaders of the sweets industry in the mid-2000s. This toffee like dessert is still one of the flagship products sweety corner offers until this day. In more recent days, Sweety Corner successfully created partnerships with the most exquisite chocolate makers in Lebanon. Today, Sweety Corner is well known for its high standards chocolates from around the world. In addition, new various products are today on offer at any of the multiple outlets. From Italian candy to Bahraini biscuits, even to German chocolate eggs and a big line of salties, Sweety corner has it all.

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Location Second Floor