Your journey starts as you reach through to the Kasap Turkish Restaurant in Foodcourt. The atmosphere will take you back to the beauty of Istanbul fresh air of Izmir or the blue gold sea line of the white sea. You will be greeted with the warmest of hospitality, which is deeply rooted in the Turkish culture, and the design of the store is both modern and rustic making it very comfortable to experience the taste of Turkey here in Qatar.

New to Qatar located at Tawar Mall the KASAP is Fast Food at its best. With a fabulous atmosphere 100% Turkish produce quality and dedicated staff, it’s sure to be the new hot spot for Turkish cuisine. From Lunch to dinner it has a rich variety of cuisine the famous Izmir Kofta and Shawarma for two is a signature dish for your Lunch start or indulge in a selection handmade. Dinner is a test on your taste buds with a rich selection of Iskander Kebab and Ottoman salad and traditional Turkish sweets will be a guarantee with satisfaction for a Night to Remember.

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Location Second Floor