As two Qataris, we were exposed to the culture of coffee at a young age, and have long been intrigued by the international presence of coffee. We were brought together by our passion and wanted a hub for coffee lovers in Qatar.

We have been to many courses around the world to understand the craft of making Specialty Coffee and all the essential factors to start a successful cafe, till we decided to bring the Specialty Coffee to Qatar and become the first Specialty Coffee place that serves coffee as per the Specialty Coffee Association standards. Flat White Specialty Coffee – Qatar is all about improving the quality of coffee in the region and encouraging coffee lovers in Qatar to pursue that better cup of coffee.

Flat White’s vision is to share the beauty of the coffee culture and connect people with the same interest in one place, Flat White family is diverse, the team is from all over the world and they came together to implement this vision and grow together.

We serve a great cup of coffee and soon we will be roasting our coffee beans and launch our Breakfast/Brunch menu! STAY TUNED.

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Location Ground Floor