For over 50 years Brums is a leader in the sector of the kids fashion. Many products, style and functionality, prices designed for our moms are the main features of the Brums world. Brums directly relates with mothers who look for comfortable and stylish garments to dress their children. The main philosophy of the Brums is to bring up fashion made of moments that imagines every child with a dream in his eyes and a smile in his heart. The garments Brums are always designed to share the days of every child that wants to become an astronaut, or a sheriff, a ballerina or a princess. Brums has been following our moms and their habits for more than fifty years, giving importance to their different lifestyles and their thousand ways of being a mom today.

And Now Brums is officially opened in Tawar Mall as a perfect stop for Kids Fashion.

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Location Ground Floor
Phone number 44433305