The Arabic world is known for its scent. One that echoes through the ages, reminding us of the cultures that arose from the deserts of Al Bawadi. It’s time to go back in time to revive and rekindle the dormant memories that make up our core wake up! 

Can you sense the Bawadi magic? the one that carries you past the empty deserts over the mirages to places where the clouds let down droplets of rain that kiss the earth with life bringing hope with a touch of generosity and kindness? One that leads you to embrace the sense of optimism that embroiders itself in each and every spirit enriching it with flavour colour and festival bliss? All this will come to you when you look within into our past, to the purest elements of Mother Nature that married themselves into our culture melting and blending with our evolution 

teaching us to marvel at the beauty of natural simplicity to listen to silence to the stories of the stars to embrace warmth and respect fire to be grateful for the moonlight whose magical illumination allowed us to celebrate our customs in more ways that one to admire the falcon, the symbol of greatness whose wings carry our faith to great heights to ask the sea to bring back fathers and respect its time Al Bawadi scents every story in a bottle to send you down a road of nostalgia to liberate you so you can dance through time freely.

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