Created several years ago, La Maison ODETTE Paris is a pastry shop specializing in cream puffs. Gourmet and classic, there is something for everyone! A true blend of vintage tastes and fragrances from elsewhere. Vanilla or chocolate, pistachio or coffee, passion or caramel with salted butter, lemon, berries or praline. Their size makes it an ideal dish for all small appetites, coffee, tea or to finish your dinner.

You can taste many without feeling guilty! Originally designed in the small kitchen of the first shop in Notre Dame, ODETTE Paris cream puffs are made every day in our laboratory located in the center of Paris by our pastry teams. Several batches are made every day to satisfy the different orders and deliveries of shops, events, and individuals.

The cabbage can be stored for up to 48 hours in the fridge (ideal temperature between 3 and 6 degrees). Odette cream puffs are delivered with special care. Are you rather mounted pieces, refined box or elegant and practical boxes? Whatever your choice, ODETTE Paris cream puffs are here to make you salivate. Excellent for you but also a great gift for your friends or clients, ODETTE Paris cream puffs will delight all palates. Odette Paris is now opened as an exclusive flagship store at Tawar Mall.

Location – Ground Floor

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