300 Ice cream – Now Open !

300 Ice cream – Now Open !

-300 Ice Cream was initiated in Egypt by a team passionate for Ice Cream. The main ingredient that specializes in every cup sold to the customers is liquid nitrogen. It is the main ingredient to create a creamy ice cream with a unique customised flavour. -300 Ice cream is for all ages, everyone is welcomed to come and try the unique flavours infused with liquid nitrogen inspired by different fruits, coffee, chocolate, the distinctive Qatari Culture and sugar-free items. The menu item varieties offer the customers a wide range of products to choose from that will satisfy their taste and ice-cream needs.  -300 Ice cream was started by a team passionate for ice cream. Our unique concept indulges the customers in an experience of customising their ice-cream that will tingle their taste buds. Our ice cream comes in many forms; smoky, balls and creamy. While our flavours range from chocolate, fruitful flavours to enhance their experience and fulfil their Ice Cream need.
-300 Ice cream has 4 successful branches within Egypt in Cairo, Alexandria, and Giza and now at Tawar Mall in The State of Qatar, Ad Dawhah. Finally, -300 Ice-cream is offering their customers a chance to customise their ice cream the way like it. Everyone in Qatar, from all ages, is welcomed to taste our ice-cream and visit 300 ice cream at Tawar Mall for a unique experience.

Location – Second Floor

Email – info@modern.qa

Phone Number – +974 7006 0509

Website – www.300icecream.com

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