Al Darawandy is a Traditional Lebanese restaurant, a retailer for traditional Lebanese homemade foods, and a caterer for events and special occasions. Al Darawandy will be offering an exclusive ambience dedicated to create a ‘togetherness’ feeling among all families that come to dine in the restaurant, by offering a wide range of variety on its menu and emphasizing on freshness and homemade traditional Shepherd recipes to create a dining experience that will touch emotions and make one forget they are in a restaurant. The manner of service will be similar to being served by a kind host that truly cares about how you feel when under their roof and hospitality. Never does a guest forget a loving hospitality, that is the motive that drives Al Darawandy. Moreover, Al Darawandy will be retailing many homemade Lebanese products in the restaurant and will be offering catering services for remote sites and other locations that hold events. All three services will be supported by the main kitchen situated in a private location, along with the restaurant having its own kitchen.


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Location Third Floor